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What's up guys and welcome to this blog post… 


If you're an entrepreneur and you've been in the industry for a while now, you're pretty familiar with the power of Personal Development. 


Leaders in all of the Network Marketing companies are always talking about personal development and it's importance of it when building your business.


Hopefully, you agree! 


People rarely tell you why you should listen to both audio and read personal development books.


A few years back and learn something about the two different types of learning when it comes to personal development and it makes a lot of sense.


One of the things are leaders told was to do both…




When you're listening to audio, you can do it when you're doing something that doesn't take a lot of brainpower, my driving or cleaning the house.


However, the unfortunate thing is that your brain can drift on to other thoughts


You won't be paying attention to the material or understanding it and it's entirety.


Even if you decide to listen to audio bad self, we still tend to drift and thought and think of other things that has nothing to do with the lesson that we are trying to learn.


On the other hand, there is a reading which takes more concentrated thought to get through then audio.


Your brain focuses on the words on the page and it leaves very little room for distractions from thoughts that could be bubbling up in your mind.


They're both great!


However, I wouldn't depend on audio alone.


If you take your business seriously, you would do both, audio and reading, in your business every day


Hopefully, now you understand why you should be participating in both kinds of personal development


…Especially, if you want to Earn Six Figures!


The leaders in your network marketing companies are not just telling you to do both just because…




Read and Listen to Audio 😉



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