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how-to-get-more-prospects-using-the-law-of-attraction-5One of the world's most popular beliefs is that we learn from books.  I know that it is true in a sense.  We do gather knowledge and we can pass a test based on that knowledge we learned from that textbook, audio, or even instructor.  We can watch a movie and write what we thought about it in an essay or discuss it with our friends.  However, that's a small part of learning.  If you want to become a Leader faster, the best way to learn isby experience.  You may  remember that time where you or another sibling burned your hand on something hot… maybe a stove.  Before you bruned yourself, I'd bet that your loved one told you plenty of times not to touch the hot stove.  If you're like me, telling me something is not enough!  When you decided you were going to put your hand on the hot stove anyway, I bet that was the last time you did it on purpose.

Learning by experience is far more powerful than books and can help us develop as a leader quicker than reading a Tony Robbins' book.  But we as humans sometimes seem to not use experiences to grow or we just go by in life and don't pay attention to any of the “Life Lessons”  and expriences at all.  Take a look at the hot stove for a second.  Isn't that another life lesson besides that fact that we are not supposed to touch hot stoves?

If you think really deeply about it… yes it is.

Someone who went through that situation could have thought this… “I didn't learn a thing until I touched that stove, until I experienced that hot stove.  Words weren't enough, my parent's authority over me wasn't enough, I had to burn my hand and experience it myself to learn that the damn stove was hot”.  lol

So if experience is how we learn, how do we make it work for us as Leaders in the Network Marketing Industry?

Check out the below video to get more information on the power of experiences.

[VIDEO] The Most Powerful Way to Learn – Evolve into The Leader You Dream to Be


The Most Powerful Way to Learn – Evolve into The Leader You Dream to Be:  The Before and After

Again, how do you take advantage of those experiences?  To begin, I'd recommend that you go back in time and relive some of the things that you've experience and see how you can use that experience to pave your future actions.  One pretty cool example would be when I learned about How the Law of Attraction Worked.  I wasn't aware of certain experiences prior to learning about the Law of Attraction, but when I learned about it everything clicked!  I had lived life experiences that I could have learned from and didn't even know it.

  1.  I had watched episodes of HGTV for months and I always wanted to live in Alexandria, VA.  My wife and I would get excited about it everytime we would see something about Alexandria.  Yea, we would talk about how expensive it was every now and them, but our dominant vibration was that it was Beautiful and we just wanted to live there.  Soon, we found ourselves living in Alexandria.
  2.  I read the secret and was attracted to the “Ask, Believe, and Receive” concept.  I'm still in love with it!  However, my first attempt failed like and hit rock bottom.  It wasn't until I gave up and let things go that I actually achieved my small goal of getting free drinks.

If you look at these experiences, you'll see that the first was given when we moved to Alexandria but wasn't really learned until I identified it later.  The later experience was learned almost immediately.  My lesson from Alexandria was that I could attract what I want by showing positive feelings towards it and the other lesson was that I could “Ask, Believe, and Receive”, but if I don't let go of the end results, it can stall the fruition.

Can you imagine how fast your leadership capabilities would grow if you would use your past experiences and if you would take the current book you're reading now and put it in action…

Actually go out there and turn it into your experience.  That is absolutely one of the best ways to learn and you can start right away.  I'll even be holding a Special Mastermind with a small group of people so that we can start experiencing some of the most grand life's lessons in the world!  If you want, you can meet me inside here.  

I'll see you on the top!

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