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Trying to find out The Importance of Personal Development and if it can actually help you improve the quality of your life?  Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the importance of improve yourself using different books, audios, techniques, team building, and more…

They either haven't been taught the importance or they just haven't found a big enough reason to invest in a personal development program or books.  Investing in Personal Development can help improve your finances, relationships, and health… all areas of your life!


The Importance of Personal Development




The Importance of Personal Development – Picking What Works Best for You

One of the first thing I would recommend is picking what works best with you.  Some people are more inspirational learners while others are more strategic and like steps to learn new information.  Whatever you do, pick what's right for you.  Maybe you've been struggling with something… maybe a bad habit.  

You may want to start thinking about searching for personal development experts that fits your personality.  I will tell you that I've read some personal development books that did not resonate too well with me.  I didn't implement their strategy and probably won't ever remember anything from out the book… 

Some of my best authors is what I get the most out of.  

The Importance of Personal Development may be missed if you try just one book or one author…  

Here's why…

I remember when I first tried a personal development book.  I remember feeling like “This stuff doesn't work” and “This is difficult”, and “This only works for the person writing this book”…

You want to know why?  

One of the reasons I felt that way is because I didn't resonate with the author… 

The information was boring and too technical for me at the time. 

There wasn't much inspiration and I imagined myself quickly falling asleep on it. 

It's important that you choose what is right for you so that you can start implementing what you learn and start seeing change in your life!


The Importance of Personal Development  – Power of Planting a Seed

Now, whatever your belief is… I am here to tell you that the seed (though) you plan in your mind today, will take root and come to fruition tomorrow.

Not meaning literally tomorrow, but in the near or the long term future.  There's a science that not even the “Experts” can tell you what exactly it is and how it exactly works.

Honestly, I don't think we'll ever find out.

But The Importance of Personal Development should not be questioned.

For some reason, when we plant the seed (thought) and internalize it (give it attention and emotion, we start to create a movement that is far beyond our Human comprehension.

Things that seem impossible or unlikely to happen starts to take root and then come to realization!

I refer to it as Magic a lot because sometimes it feels just like that…

However, it isn't magic and it simply is our thinking of an idea that takes root in our Subconscious mind.

After its Gestation Period (The time it takes to come to fruition), your desire or idea births!

Whatever you keep reading to and listening to over and over again starts to take root in your subconscious mind and eventually it is created on a physical plane.

This is one of the reasons why personal development is important.  It starts to retrain the subconscious mind on a deeper level than just using will power.

When it comes to will power competing against the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind will always win.

The only way for you to really make lasting change is developing a routine or impact to the Subconscious mind.  Then, what you want will start to “Magically” happen in your life.  


 Hopefully, you see a little more on why it is important to start utilizing personal development audios, videos, and books.  If you're interested in learning how you can gain access to a ton of personal development material while earning a paycheck from home, click here.  


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Much Success to Your Journey,


Robin M. Williams
Internet Lifestyle Coach


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