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How to Attract Positive People: Create a Life Worth Living


Maybe you came into a part of your life to where you see the value of extracting positive people.  Maybe people are draining you each and every day of their negative mindset, complaining, and inability to see things and a brighter level. When trying to run your life in a positive manner, you may be Inundated with negative people in different areas of your life.  To some, this may seem as though it is all their fault.  After all, they should be in control of their own actions. This makes total sense! However, it is not entirely true that it is their fault that they appear in your life in a negative manner (more…)

Your Missing Ingredient to Having a Successful Business

8Some people go their entire life without actually making goals or a clear vision for their business.  It's actually one of the most detrimental things you can leave out of your business.  When starting a network marketing business, you want to have a clear vision and purposeful goals to start with.  Most people are lacking this step in their business and are therefore missing the very key that controls their success. (more…)

Focusing is Taking Action

buy me pizza (13)Focusing on your business and goals can be a touchy subject

First, you have those who say that “Focusing isn't taking action”

…and then, the ones that think that the Law of Attraction teaches you to sit on your butt and do nothing.

That can't be further than the truth!!!

Over the years I've been learning to really think of myself.

I mean… Really think about what people deem as truth and false.

If you sit around and do NOTHING but focus on your goals, you're guaranteed to fail


However, if you FOCUS on your goals and desires, you're more than likely going to skyrocket your results

FOCUSING is the foundation of all of your action and is more important than strictly taking action,

When you take the time to focus FIRST, you'll be able to take More Effortless Action towards your goals.

VIDEO:  Focus in Taking Action!


Hopefully, you've gotten some value out of this post and video and not have greater insight on how important the ACTION of Focus is!



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Which Personal Development is Better?  Audio or Reading

Which Personal Development is Better? Audio or Reading

What's up guys and welcome to this blog post… 


If you're an entrepreneur and you've been in the industry for a while now, you're pretty familiar with the power of Personal Development. 


Leaders in all of the Network Marketing companies are always talking about personal development and it's importance of it when building your business.


Hopefully, you agree! 


People rarely tell you why you should listen to both audio and read personal development books.


A few years back and learn something about the two different types of learning when it comes to personal development and it makes a lot of sense.


One of the things are leaders told was to do both…




When you're listening to audio, you can do it when you're doing something that doesn't take a lot of brainpower, my driving or cleaning the house.


However, the unfortunate thing is that your brain can drift on to other thoughts


You won't be paying attention to the material or understanding it and it's entirety.


Even if you decide to listen to audio bad self, we still tend to drift and thought and think of other things that has nothing to do with the lesson that we are trying to learn.


On the other hand, there is a reading which takes more concentrated thought to get through then audio.


Your brain focuses on the words on the page and it leaves very little room for distractions from thoughts that could be bubbling up in your mind.


They're both great!


However, I wouldn't depend on audio alone.


If you take your business seriously, you would do both, audio and reading, in your business every day


Hopefully, now you understand why you should be participating in both kinds of personal development


…Especially, if you want to Earn Six Figures!


The leaders in your network marketing companies are not just telling you to do both just because…




Read and Listen to Audio 😉



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How to Improve Self Confidence Using These Simple Techniques

How to Improve Self Confidence Using These Simple Techniques

Hey guys… Welcome to my blog.  If you're reading this right now, you're probably interested in knowing How to Improve Self Confidence in any area of your life.  Improving your self confidence can seem very daunting and sometimes impossible depending on how bad we're struggling with a certain area.

In this post, I will be giving you a couple of tips that you can start using today to increase your confidence in any area of your life so that you can live a more happier and fulfilling life…


How to Improve Self Confidence | What Are People Afraid of?

WOW…  So Self Confidence!

I am just about as real as it gets and what I come to learn is that self confidence is a way of living.  Unfortunately, some of us haven't been taught that way of living.

But it's okay, I will be sharing with you a little later some simple techniques you can use in getting yourself on a better level.


Fear is what's stopping a lot of people from achieving their goals and not living the dreams that they want.  If you know you want to earn more money in your business or in your career, you definitely want to stop fear as soon as possible.

See, a lot of people mask the word “Confidence” with fear…

Basically, if you're struggling with confidence in a certain area, it's probably because you fear a certain thing. I found that the lack of confidence and the inability to do certain things is because of fear

…However, the fear could steam from certain things!

So, what are people really afraid of?

They're afraid of either failing or having success…

I know the having success part is a little hard to believe, but it's a little more common than you may think.

Having success in your business can really bring in some fear mentalities… Such as, “Will I be able to keep my money”, “People will want more and more money from me”, and “I will have to pay more taxes”.

People go through all sorts of fears and some of them may be legit things to think about because they may very well happen, but they are not legit things to fear.

So, if you're interested in How to Improve Self Confidence and start releasing fear, check out this video:

VIDEO:  Increase Your Life Results| How to Improve Self Confidence


How to Improve Your Self Confidence | Ideal Solutions to Kick Start Your Confidence


If you've been following me, you know that a lot of the things I talk about is the Subconscious Mind and our ability to change from within.  And you'll hear me talk about this often because it just works and it's the answer that a lot of people have been seeking.

It's up to you to put this info to work and start enjoying your journey to increased wealth!

The first thing I would suggest is that you just be real and true to yourself.

Take a look at everything you may be fearing right now…

For example…  Maybe you're a guy who was once afraid to take off your shirt in the boys locker room because of how you looked.

You thought that people would make fun of you…  You knew there were some mean cold-hearted boys in your class and you felt as though you had to hide everyday to change your shirt.

One of the techniques you can use right now is just…

Do Not Care What Other People Think!


This works and it has for me when I lacked confidence in shooting videos and adding them online in front of family and friends.  And it worked for me when speaking to others about my sexuality.


After gaining the “I don't care attitude” about certain areas of my life that I struggled with and didn't know How to Improve Self Confidence… I increased my feelings and results in those areas.  My videos came out 30x better and I spoke with confidence when speaking about my relationship to people… no matter who they were.

The second thing you can do to start improving your self confidence is start practicing whatever it is you need to improve on.  For instance, If I get put in front of people to speak and I don't know what it is that I am supposed to say or I am not familiar with the topic of discussion, my confidence goes way down because of the fear of messing up or saying something wrong… I would even fear not knowing something in front of a ton of people when I am supposed to be the expert…

You got to admit that it isn't fun being put on the spotlight!

So, for example… when being told I have to give a speech last minute, I would deal with improving my confidence in three ways.

1.  Self Talk:  I would constantly say great things in my head like “things will turn out well” or “I got this… It's easy”.

2.  Practice:  Actually take action and practice what it is I have to speak about.  Use whatever time I have to get in a couple of practices.

3.  Imagine:  See the end result that I want…  See people coming to me saying that it was a great speech and applauding me.

These three things combined will help improve self confidence when you implement it.  Many people constantly struggle in their life and they may even pondered over the questions of How to Improve Self Confidence…

Truth is, there are many ways and you can start off by what I just gave you.  I would also suggest that if you're looking to live a more prosperous life, check out the book, Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.  That would be an excellent book to start off with!

I hope you've enjoyed and you're ready to get out there and increase your self confidence today!  It starts with a decision!

…And if you're looking to work with a group of people who are constantly working on bettering their life in all areas, check out this link on my $10K Per Month Challenge.

You can also just contact me at http://www.facebook.com/robin.williams.104

I look forward in chatting with you!



Robin Williams,
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The Importance of Personal Development – Improve Any Area of Your Life

The Importance of Personal Development – Improve Any Area of Your Life

Trying to find out The Importance of Personal Development and if it can actually help you improve the quality of your life?  Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the importance of improve yourself using different books, audios, techniques, team building, and more…

They either haven't been taught the importance or they just haven't found a big enough reason to invest in a personal development program or books.  Investing in Personal Development can help improve your finances, relationships, and health… all areas of your life!


The Importance of Personal Development




The Importance of Personal Development – Picking What Works Best for You

One of the first thing I would recommend is picking what works best with you.  Some people are more inspirational learners while others are more strategic and like steps to learn new information.  Whatever you do, pick what's right for you.  Maybe you've been struggling with something… maybe a bad habit.  

You may want to start thinking about searching for personal development experts that fits your personality.  I will tell you that I've read some personal development books that did not resonate too well with me.  I didn't implement their strategy and probably won't ever remember anything from out the book… 

Some of my best authors is what I get the most out of.  

The Importance of Personal Development may be missed if you try just one book or one author…  

Here's why…

I remember when I first tried a personal development book.  I remember feeling like “This stuff doesn't work” and “This is difficult”, and “This only works for the person writing this book”…

You want to know why?  

One of the reasons I felt that way is because I didn't resonate with the author… 

The information was boring and too technical for me at the time. 

There wasn't much inspiration and I imagined myself quickly falling asleep on it. 

It's important that you choose what is right for you so that you can start implementing what you learn and start seeing change in your life!


The Importance of Personal Development  – Power of Planting a Seed

Now, whatever your belief is… I am here to tell you that the seed (though) you plan in your mind today, will take root and come to fruition tomorrow.

Not meaning literally tomorrow, but in the near or the long term future.  There's a science that not even the “Experts” can tell you what exactly it is and how it exactly works.

Honestly, I don't think we'll ever find out.

But The Importance of Personal Development should not be questioned.

For some reason, when we plant the seed (thought) and internalize it (give it attention and emotion, we start to create a movement that is far beyond our Human comprehension.

Things that seem impossible or unlikely to happen starts to take root and then come to realization!

I refer to it as Magic a lot because sometimes it feels just like that…

However, it isn't magic and it simply is our thinking of an idea that takes root in our Subconscious mind.

After its Gestation Period (The time it takes to come to fruition), your desire or idea births!

Whatever you keep reading to and listening to over and over again starts to take root in your subconscious mind and eventually it is created on a physical plane.

This is one of the reasons why personal development is important.  It starts to retrain the subconscious mind on a deeper level than just using will power.

When it comes to will power competing against the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind will always win.

The only way for you to really make lasting change is developing a routine or impact to the Subconscious mind.  Then, what you want will start to “Magically” happen in your life.  


 Hopefully, you see a little more on why it is important to start utilizing personal development audios, videos, and books.  If you're interested in learning how you can gain access to a ton of personal development material while earning a paycheck from home, click here.  


The Importance of Personal Development Video



Much Success to Your Journey,


Robin M. Williams
Internet Lifestyle Coach


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