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What They Haven’t Told You About Branding

What They Haven’t Told You About Branding

Have you ever really wonder what branding was all about?

Many people are running around online thinking branding is all about getting a cool logo or a cool saying to put up on your website…

That is not all it takes to develop a good brand online.

One of the major tips about branding that people forget is to develop authority content online.  This contentt can range from e-books, videos, to webinars, and even online courses.

Check out this video below:



Hopefully, you have a better other understanding of what branding really is how to make it work for you in the marketplace!



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Are You Using Productivity Hacks in Your Business?

Are You Using Productivity Hacks in Your Business?

Are you like most people who own an Internet Business?


Most people are not aware of what they can do in their business in order to be more productive throughout the day and save their valuable time!


For instance, as I am writing this blog post right now… I am not actually typing it to my computer. I am using a simple and powerful app built into my MacBook Pro.


Some of these apps have a little downfall… However, is still saves a ton of time when I am writing blog posts or when I have to actually type out something that can take a long time.

I also have a program running right inside my blog posts that can check for grammar and spelling issues that my dictation app may not catch.


It's like a little freedom in the box!


What I want you to do your business today is take the time to see how you can save your time and see how you can save time to do the things that you enjoy in life.


Some people have the ability to save hours per week!


Can you imagine adding additional hours per week to your schedule. What would you do with all that time?


Would you take the time to build your business in a better way?


Would you spend more time with your loved ones?


Would you go walk so that you can get a little bit more exercise in during the week?


How valuable is your time?

If you are a person of value their time, you definitely want to take a deeper look of the tasks that you're doing to your business and see how you can start shaving off time and outsourcing the things that you do not want to do or things that just take up too much time


Check out this quick video for a couple of tips that will explain to you how you can start saving time right now.


This is serious stuff in anyone who is serious about their business will start looking into productivity hacks ASAP


Make sure you start today…



Don't wait, Tomorrow doesn't exist!




Must to Your Success!



Robin M. Williams
Internet Marketer




Develop Your Social Media Marketing Plan Template | 3 Tips to Market Like a Pro

Develop Your Social Media Marketing Plan Template | 3 Tips to Market Like a Pro

Looking for a good Social Media Marketing Plan Template that you can use to start building the online content that will get a constant flow of people to your door step on online website?  Having a Social Media Marketing Plan that fits you is one of the best things you can do to move towards your goals and stay on top of things for your business or ventures.

Over the course of this blog, I will be telling you some of the issues with marketing on social media sites and how you can overcome the overwhelming or confusion starting today.

Develop Your Social Media Marketing Plan Template – The Issue With Marketing Without a Plan

One of the difficulties that business owners face is not having the time to actually tend to their social media sites.

And if you're a person who cannot afford to outsource or your just starting off, you may end up with the responsibility of managing your own content on your social media platforms.

This task can be daunting and scary when trying to juggle all of the other tasks that you may have within your business.

Having a Social Media Marketing Plan Template can be part of your answer when tackling the managing of your accounts.

Another issue people may have is not understand the concept of marketing on Social Media sites and taking the time to get to learn how each major platform works can be their key to getting over this hump.

If you're new to marketing online and using Social Media Marketing Plans, you probably just don't know what goes into the plan.  Maybe you're on the very strategic side of things and you need a very intense plan on getting started the right way.

Whatever your issue is, the next section will help you with getting your Social Media Marketing Plan Template up and running.

Develop Your Social Media Marketing Plan Template – 3 Tips to Get you Off to the Right Start

Here are 3 tips you can take with you starting today.

1.  Get a document to keep all of your information.  This may be the free Google Docs spreadsheet, Microsoft Online free Excel document, or even a simple word document on your desktop.  The key here is to get whatever fits you and what you want.

I use a simple linear template that helps me with my day to day tasks for social media that is also incorporated with my other business tasks.

You may want to keep your separate.

This part is definitely up to you. And you may want to start off by asking yourself what content do you want to house on your templates.  All of my passwords are the same and it's easy for me to remember them when it's time to log in.

You may have a slew of difficult passwords and may want to house your passwords on this template for easy references.

If using a spreadsheet for your Social Media Marketing Plan Template, you may want to add the Social Media site, the password, and the type of content you will be adding since all platforms are different.

For instance, you're able to add a long story with a 3 minute video on the subject you are writing about.  However, you're not able to add a 3 minute video to Instagram… With the max amount of time being 15 seconds, you will have to adjust on that platform.

2.  Plan all of your content for the week on your spreadsheet.  Know what you're going to talk about each day.  Here's a cool tip!  Spread “1” piece of content throughout all of your Social Media Marketing Sites.  This save a huge amount of time and you can sweep through your posts like a professional when using this method!

No need to get someone else to add a bunch of content to a ton of sites if you can spread it like wildfire yourself.

The thing I see a lot of people doing is trying to update all of their sites with different content that contains different subjects.

If you had your own easy and professional blog, you could repurpose that content through all of your sites.  This will allow you to save time and update your followers with what you have going on each and every day.

3.  The third tip is to create templates within your main templates!  Here's something that I've used when updating my YouTube videos.  I know there are certain things I want to add to my video description.

So, I can actually save a template to my social media marketing content folders for my YouTube videos with the content I need everyday.

I know I want to add my blog or blog post of the day and I know I want to add my Facebook Fan Page as well.

Those links are already added to my template so that I can save time on finding links or making sure they're spelled correctly.

I can also make sure my format is the same on all of my videos.

This is a big help when you are someone who is consistent in producing content on the same platform.

Perhaps, you don't use YouTube, but you have a piece of content you post every Monday…

Maybe something like “Motivational Monday” with a slogan.  You can add whatever reoccurring content to your template.

Hopefully those Social Media Marketing Plan Templates help you get off to the right start.  I just wanted to add a neat video for you below so that you can get some more ideas on how to develop your Social Media Marketing Plan Template.


Social Media Marketing Plan Template Video

I hope you've enjoyed this post.  If you're looking for ways that will allow you to post effectively (Get More Prospects and Leads) to your Social Mediate Sites, Click Here!

Robin Williams
Internet Lifestyle Coach


How to Get Leads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube | Create an OmniPresent Business!

How to Get Leads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube | Create an OmniPresent Business!

Looking to Get Leads on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube?

You may be online like most network marketers and you want to know “the Secrets”  of how so many people are getting leads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites!

Here's the secret…

Focus on the basics and master them.

…And Get Leads on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube!

Once you do that, you can start attracting leads on any platform you choose!

Become so present, that people are going to wonder how you're always marketing your business and how you're EVERYWHERE!  lol

I just gave you the secret….

But you can watch this video anyway 🙂

****You'll have to be logged into Facebook to watch*****

VIDEO:  How to Get Leads on Facebook, Instagram, and YoutubeGet Leads


Stop Playing and Losing Time:  Get Leads on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

Getting leads and sales online is becoming too easy.  If you don't have access to this information yet, you may want to Get In and start building your business like a real entrepreneur.

There's no reason to be struggling when the techniques are sooooo simple!

I understand that some people who are struggling may not see the value… I was once there too.  I didn't grasp many concepts in Network Marketing and was even wasting money on things I didn't need to have success.

It's time to make a change in your business, your life, and your results!  There's so much in store for you in this life and having trouble getting something like leads in your business shouldn't be something that is blocking you from your dreams and aspirations!

So, if you're ready to get leads on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube…

Again… Get In and connect with me ASAP so that we can get you and your business up and running!



Robin M. Williams
Internet Lifestyle Coach

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Want to Look Over The Shoulders of “Six Figure Earners”?

Want to Look Over The Shoulders of “Six Figure Earners”?

Want to Look Over The Shoulders of “Six Figure Earners”?

It's funny how I see people swarming all over the internet for the “Secrets” of those who are actually making a living from home.   This especially amazes me since all of the Money Making Secrets are available with our MLSP system.

Sometimes even the top gurus offer training and people still do not take their credit card out any buy!

Maybe it's a belief thing or maybe it's that they are tired of getting burned by so many people who are claiming to get results with the training that they offer knowing darn well their stuff doesn't work!

Whatever the reason is…

I can't help but just SMH… because it's weird watching people rant and complain about how their uplines and sponsors aren't helping them have success in their business.

…or how they wish they had the “Secret” in getting leads and sales.

What most people don't see is that the answer to building the business they want is already out there.

You don't have to suffer and struggle to build your business.  The easiest way to build a successful business online is to find people who have what you want and do what exactly what they do.

Yea, I know… a lot of people don't want to give away their “Secret Sauce“…

They keep it a secret because of a few reasons…

  • They want a way to attract those people to them and give them a reason to join them or buy from them
  • Fear of loss in their business
  • They have a strategy that if too many people use it, the results will be watered down
  • They really may not have any intentions in helping others

…Whatever the reason, you don't have to worry about that anymore.  You can literally gain access to 6 Figure Earners who received results in their business and you can watch their moves directly from the screen.

Check out this Video on Six Figure Earner's Over the Shoulder Training


If you've been struggling in your business and you don't know exactly what to do, you may want to just jump inside of our system and Stop Struggling Right Now!

In my opinion, no one in the industry has a right to complain about their business results if they've been introduced to my system.

You'll have everything you need to build a successful business…


If you can't make it here, you're probably on the wrong path of what you should be doing for a living.


Click Here to get your Six Figure Earner's Over the Should Training! 


See you on the inside!


Robin M. Williams

Internet Lifestyle Coach

Learn This “Free Facebook Marketing Technique” | Get People to Instantly Be Attracted to You!

Want to Learn how you can use this Free Facebook Marketing Technique in your business today and start to get people to know, like, and trust you?

People are wanting to see lifestyle when seeking out a way to make money on the internet.  They don't want someone boring who is not living a lifestyle of their desires!

It's simple…

This technique has been proven again and again to attract people to a person and then join them in their business or buy their products!

When you implement this strategy, you will start to see more and more people ask you questions and be willing to take a peek at what you're doing to get results in your business….

Don't be scared of showing a little lifestyle in your everyday life.

Check out this cool video below!


Hope you enjoyed the value and I look forward to seeing your lifestyle pictures and videos on the internet (Specifically Facebook) soon!


Robin Williams


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