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How to Plan Out Your Content for The Week: Simple Planning to Get You Moving

Hopefully, your weekend is going great!

Mine isn't too bad and I was able to dive into some delicious food today at an event

I had an amazing pulled pork sandwich and something they called a cowboy…

Which was a baked potato loaded with more BBQ pulled pork, BBQ baked beans, cole slaw, and kidney beans.

It was definitely delicious especially since I was on a fast…

But here's why you're really reading this blog post.  You want to know what you can do to plan your content out?


Discover the Key Elements of a Capture Page

12If you've been in the industry for some time, I am sure that you heard of the importance of having a capture page and how it can help Skyrocket Your Business.  You've probably been told that you must have one in order to capture the information of those who are interested in your business so that you can build a relationship through your autoresponders and increase our leads and sales… (more…)

Why You Should Automate Your Business

9Ever wonder why some people can get things done a lot quicker than you?  It's not because they are smarter than you!  Simply because they are strategic in the way that they do things in their business and they have their business set up in a certain way.  Most entrepreneurs either outsource or they have automation tools to help them spend less time working on the business and more time live in their life.  In fact, if you think about it… (more…)

Your Missing Ingredient to Having a Successful Business

8Some people go their entire life without actually making goals or a clear vision for their business.  It's actually one of the most detrimental things you can leave out of your business.  When starting a network marketing business, you want to have a clear vision and purposeful goals to start with.  Most people are lacking this step in their business and are therefore missing the very key that controls their success. (more…)

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