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Attraction Marketing 101: Attract More Prospects With These Simple Principles


Throughout my time on the internet, I've come to learn about the term “Attraction Marketing” and I've also learned that many people who are aware of what Attraction Marketing has no idea what it actually is…

It may sound crazy, but it is true and it was true for me when I first started to learn what Attraction Marketing is. First, It thought that by learning the definition, I understood it.  And that was wrong thinking as well.

Knowing the definition of something is different than actually understanding what it is.  Unfortunately, many people learn the definition of Attraction Marketing and think that they understand what it is and how it works.

When I first learned about Attraction Marketing, I thought what most people think of Attraction Marketing today.  It's the pull of people towards you instead of having to chase people down and beg them to join your business.  It's the ability to have people asking for what you have to offer.  Sounds like every network marketers dream for sure.  And if you've been through what I have in the MLM industry, you probably think it sounds amazing too!

Simple Blogging on Facebook Techniques Explained

Welcome to this blog post Which tells you about blogging on Facebook. The idea of blogging on Facebook sounds great because you get to utilize one of the worlds largest website to get your message to the masses. To understand Facebook blogging, you will first have to understand what Blogging actually is and how you can utilize Facebook When blogging.A blog is a website in which you are able to send your message out to a unique niche. It could be something like recipes, ways to eliminate debt, how to make more money, Or even parenting tips.

The big thing is that it is your home on the Internet.  You also want to stay congruent with your niche across your categories and posts.  This means, if you talk about parenting tips for three months, you don't want to talk about how to get out of debt the next few months.  Obviously, you could write a blog posts on budgeting or other financial tips when parenting. (more…)

How to Attract Positive People: Create a Life Worth Living


Maybe you came into a part of your life to where you see the value of extracting positive people.  Maybe people are draining you each and every day of their negative mindset, complaining, and inability to see things and a brighter level. When trying to run your life in a positive manner, you may be Inundated with negative people in different areas of your life.  To some, this may seem as though it is all their fault.  After all, they should be in control of their own actions. This makes total sense! However, it is not entirely true that it is their fault that they appear in your life in a negative manner (more…)

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