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Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting Course – Over The Shoulder of a Six Figure Earner

by | May 4, 2017


HOW TO GET MORE PROSPECTS USING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (10)If you've ever been lost in your business or you may be new to network marketing and not know where to go next, you would definitely benefit from Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting course which gives you a Step-By-Step over the look of how she runs her Six Figure Per Year Business.

Lisa Torres takes you through two main parts of her business, Active and Passive marketing as explained in her 4 Free Video Series that she gives you.

Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting Module 1 – The Core Foundation of Interactive Prospecting

In the first module of Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting course, she goes over the introduction of Interactive Prospecting as well as some daily income producing activities that you can implement in your business.

This module helps you get the understanding of the strategies and start building a good foundation in your business by identifying the activities that will get your results as well as some mental exercises for your business.

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Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting Module 2 – Passive Prospecting Method (The “PPM” Formula)

In Module #2, she introduces you to passive marketing and dives into what it is.  She goes over “You Home on the Internet” which is your blog and how you can start using it to build rapport with your audience as well as give tons of value and make it work for you.  Lisa is a beast in doing videos and teaches you her techniques to get people Flooding to Your Inbox.

She also goes over one of my favorites that I learned from her earlier in my marketing career.  Search Engine Optimization is very powerful and will get you traffic if done correctly.  She also goes over some offline marketing with Post-it Notes!

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Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting Module 3 – Active Prospecting Method (The “APM” Formula)

#BOOM!  In Module 3 of Interactive Prospecting, Lisa introduces Active Prospecting and this is #MONEY!  This is how you can help ensure that you have Income Coming in Everyday.  It's the initial bloodline of your business and should not be ignored.

She goes over things like How to Use Fan Page Comments to Start Conversations.  I don't know if you've noticed, but a lot of network marketers need this.  They think sending a friend request IS prospecting… and it's not.  And of course… When you start generating leads that come thru your Passive marketing methods, you'll have to connect with them.  Lisa covers this as well!


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Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting Video


Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting Module 4 – The 5 Step Prospecting Formula

In the 4th module, she covers the training for Prospecting.  This 5 step prospecting formula will help you be able to build relationships with the right people and connect with them using her proven questions.  You'll definitely know what to say to your prospects over the phone once you finish with this training.  Through her follow-up and closing techniques, you'll definitely learn how to close more sales!


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Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting BONUSES

I LOVE BONUSES and I am sure you do too!  You'll be able to tap into proven techniques that worked for other Network Marketers.  You'll learn Keysha Bass' smartphone techniques and be able to copy what Ryan McMorris do all year round to connect with Network Marketers and get more sales for his business.  These are other success marketer's successful techniques! 🙂


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Hopefully, you have a good idea of how Lisa Torres' Interactive Prospecting course can help you in your business journey.   I know it has helped me tremendously in my business and I am excited for you!  You'll be able to finally build your business like a real network marketer after Looking Over Lisa's Shoulder!

Make sure you register to watch her free 4 video series here! 🙂 


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