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How to Market Your Small Business Online: 3 Crucial Missing Links to Marketing Online

by | Jan 29, 2018


If you run a small business and you haven't looked at getting your company online, I think it is safe to say that you may be a little behind times.

Don't worry though!  In this blog post, I am going to teach you the foundation of How to Start Your Small Business Online!  

The first thing you will need to do is assess your current product.  Just because being online is powerful for many businesses, doesn't mean that it's the best fit for your product.

Ask a lot of questions during this assessment and make sure it all makes sense.  Sometimes there are products that may be better off with Direct Marketing or other offline marketing avenues.

When trying to figure out how to market your small business online, ensure that is a product that people will want to buy online…

Sometimes you may even have marketing online set in place just to get people in your doors.  That will be your first step!


How to Market Your Small Business Online:  How to Identify Your Target Market

One of the most important things you want to do is Identify your target market.  Who is it that you're trying to reach day in and day out.

When you look at your product or services that you're selling, it may help you identify part of your target market just by asking  the question, “Who would be most likely to buy this product?”

From there, you can try to figure out the rest.  Ask yourself questions like “Who would this most likely help?”, “Where are my buyers most likely living?”, and “Are my buyers single or married?”

These questions will help you guide and form an ideal potential customer.

Once you've identified who they are, you can try to track where you can reach them.  Where are your ideal prospects hanging at?  Is there a website where those people gather and go hang out on…

Are they going to local hangouts or events in the area

…Or are they simply going to google to look for a solution that you may have?

Identifying your target market and finding where they're hanging out at is a crucial process when learning how to market your small business online.

How to Market Your Small Business Online:  Developing a Congruent Message for Your Target Market

The last thing I'll cover is your message to your ideal target market.  One big thing that people miss is making sure that your message makes sense to your reader or viewer.

Is your message congruent throughout your marketing?

You want to ensure that what they initially read, clicked on, and received after accepting the offer is congruent throughout their experience

…If it isn't congruent, then it is likely that you will lose that potential prospect.

It is important to know that once a person starts expressing interest in your offer or message, they expect to keep seeing related information as they go through the process or your funnel.

It's very similar to a trip to McDonald's!  If you pull up to a drive away expecting to see burgers and fries for sale, but instead you see salads and burritos… You're most likely going to quickly leave because your visit didn't meet your expectations.

It's no different online…

Check out the below video to get more information on How to Build Your Small Business Online!

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