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How to Get Six and Seven Figure Earners Working For YouI know this sounds crazy…  I know you may be wondering how in the heck you will be able to get six and seven figure earners working for you!  If you know the exact steps in getting them working for you, you could make a lot of money online.  You just have to know what system or procedures to use.  I'm going to show you exactly how you can Start Getting 6 & 7 Figure Earners working for you over and over again!

This may sound crazy, but it is simpler than what you may think.  Most people will try to sell on the Internet. The truth is that most of us are not good at sales!  Every now and then there may be one or two people can sell anything they want. The average network marketer can I sale.  So, what should that person do in order to get more sales in their company?

It's simple!

The first thing you want to do is find a network marketer or Friday that you believe in. If you find a network marketer that you believe in, you want to make sure that they have an affiliate program. You want to make sure that you believe in the product and that their products will not ruin your reputation. I know I have very few people that I believe and on the Internet!

Even did companies are hard to come by!

People like Lisa Torres and her interactive prospecting affiliate program or companies like Aweber and their auto responder products are just a couple of examples that I know I can trust and believe in.

Once you are done with this step, it is now time to move to the next portion.

How to Get Six and Seven Figure Earners Working for You:  Develop Your Story

If you have done the right thing and you picked something you truly believe in, you will have no problem in investing in their product or service.  So that will be your next step. You want to purchase the product or service, and then you want to develop your story about that thing.  This is a really important step in getting 6 & 7 figure earners working for you and in getting people to purchase your products.

This step will help pave the way for your next step.

If you tell a friend that she should go see a movie with some other people and she asks you if you've seen it, but you say no…

Do you think she is going to want to go see that movie?  She might because you're a friend and recommended it, but she may likely roll her eyes at you and ask you how could you ask her to go see it if she hasn't seen it.

It's the same thing when it comes to products and services you market online.  People want to know that you got results from it, even if they are not that big of results.  Make sure you're using it and you have positive results.  


How to Get Six and Seven Figure Earners Working for You: Spread the Werd!!!

Now, the last thing you need to do is spread the word about your results.  That's what Network Marketing is all about… Referal!  Right?  A lot of times in Network Marketing, people will quickly buy from you or from a suggested source just because you recommended it.  I'm sure you know this to be true.

You need to tell them the story that you developed from step 2 and send them straight to the sales video.  If you are selling from a Six or Seven Figure Earner's course or program, they're more than likely going to have a better sales page on their site.  You want to send them to your affiliate link and let the experts close the sales!

It's really simple, but you may not have thought of it that way before.

But this is powerful and as stated in the video, please do not take this technique too lightly! This Stuff Works!

  1.  Find a trusted source
  2. Use the products/services and develop your story
  3. Tell your story and send them to your expert!

Sweeeeet and simple! <3

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