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Facebook Marketing Scripts to Get More Leads and Sales in Your Business

by | Jun 22, 2018

Focus on Finding The Right Type of People

When you get ready to set your goals for your business, where is the first place you look?

Sometimes we are ready and show a sign of desperation and ask anyone in our line of sight if they’re interested in taking a look at what we are selling.

If you do that and if you know anyone who does do that, you probably already know that the above concept doesn’t work.

When marketing on any platform and especially on facebook, you should first seek the right people to talk to.

In fact, Facebook is the perfect platform to search and filter out people on facebook.  You can narrow people down within various interests!

Focus on Building a Relationship

A script can be definitely be overused and it can seem robotic.  One way you can keep from sounding robotic and overusing the same script is to just focus on building genuine relationships.

When you focus on building a relationship, people will warm up to you and they are more inclined to listen to your video presentation or jump on a webinar when you ask.

While you don’t want to build a relationship strictly for a sale, you definitely will have some momentum power when launching a new business and reaching out to everyone you’ve built a business with.

Find a Need After Building a Relationship

Finding a need is SUPER crucial in this industry.

Once you build a relationship with someone, it doesn’t matter how cool you two are…

They won’t buy if they don’t have a need or interest.

However, once you have built a relationship, you can definitely reach out to them to ask some questions that surround your business products or services.

This will give you a feel of what the person may be lacking in their business or life.

A genuine relationship coupled with a real need or interest can open the door for some great business relationships.


Remember to Give a Warm Invitation

Here’s what a ton of people do when trying to build a business online.  They never send an invite to those who they’ve build a relationship with or even those that they’ve found had a need.

Your results will be dead in the water if you can’t invite people to find a need.

Forget your fears and worries about what the person may say and just get the job done. If you followed the above steps and you truly believe in what you’re doing, you shouldn’t worry about asking someone to be opened to your opportunity, service, or products.

It’s just that simple!

Hey, I definitely hope you received a ton of value from this post and I invite you to get some more free training from me to help you build your business from home!


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