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Which Personal Development is Better?  Audio or Reading

Which Personal Development is Better? Audio or Reading

What's up guys and welcome to this blog post… 


If you're an entrepreneur and you've been in the industry for a while now, you're pretty familiar with the power of Personal Development. 


Leaders in all of the Network Marketing companies are always talking about personal development and it's importance of it when building your business.


Hopefully, you agree! 


People rarely tell you why you should listen to both audio and read personal development books.


A few years back and learn something about the two different types of learning when it comes to personal development and it makes a lot of sense.


One of the things are leaders told was to do both…




When you're listening to audio, you can do it when you're doing something that doesn't take a lot of brainpower, my driving or cleaning the house.


However, the unfortunate thing is that your brain can drift on to other thoughts


You won't be paying attention to the material or understanding it and it's entirety.


Even if you decide to listen to audio bad self, we still tend to drift and thought and think of other things that has nothing to do with the lesson that we are trying to learn.


On the other hand, there is a reading which takes more concentrated thought to get through then audio.


Your brain focuses on the words on the page and it leaves very little room for distractions from thoughts that could be bubbling up in your mind.


They're both great!


However, I wouldn't depend on audio alone.


If you take your business seriously, you would do both, audio and reading, in your business every day


Hopefully, now you understand why you should be participating in both kinds of personal development


…Especially, if you want to Earn Six Figures!


The leaders in your network marketing companies are not just telling you to do both just because…




Read and Listen to Audio 😉



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Want to Look Over The Shoulders of “Six Figure Earners”?

Want to Look Over The Shoulders of “Six Figure Earners”?

Want to Look Over The Shoulders of “Six Figure Earners”?

It's funny how I see people swarming all over the internet for the “Secrets” of those who are actually making a living from home.   This especially amazes me since all of the Money Making Secrets are available with our MLSP system.

Sometimes even the top gurus offer training and people still do not take their credit card out any buy!

Maybe it's a belief thing or maybe it's that they are tired of getting burned by so many people who are claiming to get results with the training that they offer knowing darn well their stuff doesn't work!

Whatever the reason is…

I can't help but just SMH… because it's weird watching people rant and complain about how their uplines and sponsors aren't helping them have success in their business.

…or how they wish they had the “Secret” in getting leads and sales.

What most people don't see is that the answer to building the business they want is already out there.

You don't have to suffer and struggle to build your business.  The easiest way to build a successful business online is to find people who have what you want and do what exactly what they do.

Yea, I know… a lot of people don't want to give away their “Secret Sauce“…

They keep it a secret because of a few reasons…

  • They want a way to attract those people to them and give them a reason to join them or buy from them
  • Fear of loss in their business
  • They have a strategy that if too many people use it, the results will be watered down
  • They really may not have any intentions in helping others

…Whatever the reason, you don't have to worry about that anymore.  You can literally gain access to 6 Figure Earners who received results in their business and you can watch their moves directly from the screen.

Check out this Video on Six Figure Earner's Over the Shoulder Training


If you've been struggling in your business and you don't know exactly what to do, you may want to just jump inside of our system and Stop Struggling Right Now!

In my opinion, no one in the industry has a right to complain about their business results if they've been introduced to my system.

You'll have everything you need to build a successful business…


If you can't make it here, you're probably on the wrong path of what you should be doing for a living.


Click Here to get your Six Figure Earner's Over the Should Training! 


See you on the inside!


Robin M. Williams

Internet Lifestyle Coach

The Guaranteed Autopilot Sales System | How to Remain Broke in the Industry

The Guaranteed Autopilot Sales System | How to Remain Broke in the Industry

Ever been promised Guaranteed Autopilot Sales?  

You know those Sales Systems that are supposed to allow the everyday user to sign up and not do anything in the business and just have the system do all of the work for them?  And many people fall for the hype, false claims, and blatant lies.

Here's the deal…

In any successful business, you have to put in your own work and it is very important that you understand how to build your following and business personally so that you can do it anywhere you go.  If a company goes down, you can easily pick yourself back up and start building in another business immediately!

Check out this video on the important of NOT using Automatic sales systems to build your business!


Remember to think about it and be aware of what you are promoting and if it makes sense to you.  If there was one business where great results were guaranteed, everyone would be flocking to it.  Start building a serious business now!


If you've been struggling to make money online, contact me immediately so that we can get you up and running the CORRECT way.



Robin M. Williams
Internet Lifestyle Coach

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