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Attraction Marketing 101: Attract More Prospects With These Simple Principles

by | Nov 27, 2017


Throughout my time on the internet, I've come to learn about the term “Attraction Marketing” and I've also learned that many people who are aware of what Attraction Marketing has no idea what it actually is…

It may sound crazy, but it is true and it was true for me when I first started to learn what Attraction Marketing is. First, It thought that by learning the definition, I understood it.  And that was wrong thinking as well.

Knowing the definition of something is different than actually understanding what it is.  Unfortunately, many people learn the definition of Attraction Marketing and think that they understand what it is and how it works.

When I first learned about Attraction Marketing, I thought what most people think of Attraction Marketing today.  It's the pull of people towards you instead of having to chase people down and beg them to join your business.  It's the ability to have people asking for what you have to offer.  Sounds like every network marketers dream for sure.  And if you've been through what I have in the MLM industry, you probably think it sounds amazing too!

Some people even go as far as thinking that having a great website, cool logo, and memorable slogan is Attraction Marketing on a deeper level.  While all of that stuff is cool, it's just not Attraction Marketing on a deeper level.  I grew up in Network Marketing thinking that those things could really change my business around…

But I was wrong…

I then thought it was  a matter of putting a ton of value out in front of people who were looking for answers.  I thought I had to solve people's problems.  Don't get me wrong… That was a HUGE part of the Attraction Marketing formula.  But again… there was still a huge part of Attraction Marketing that I was missing and that so many others are missing today…

Here's How I come to understand Attraction Marketing on a slightly deeper level.  Attraction Marketing is a chemical reaction that a potential client can have by viewing or following marketing strategies that you made available to them.

Today, I come to understand Attraction Marketing on two different types of level.  The Physical and the Non-Physical or the Seen and the unseen.

The seen part is the marketing that you see getting done in your business…  The active and passive prospection and the content you're putting up.  Unfortunately, All the action or “Seen” steps you can be taking in your business will not be enough without the “Unseen”

Think of the saying…

“When a student is ready, the teacher will appear”

In order for the student to magnetically pull that teacher towards them, they have to already have done it in the mind first. And the same goes for the teacher…

If you put it in the network marketing perspective, you have to be ready to attract those ready to buy prospects to you.

If it's not done in the unseen, everything you do in your business will go to waste

… And that my friend is a HUGE tip!

What is Attraction Marketing 101 Video


In the next couple of blog posts, I will be showing you how you can improve your Attraction Marketing by building your value.  When you build your value and develop more confidence in your business, you are actually working on the unseen…

More people will be attracted to you because of your value and if they feel like you'll be able to help them get what they want.

Honestly, there's a good amount to learn about Attraction Marketing, but it is simple enough for the average person to learn, implement and start getting results!

So, be on the look out for my next Attraction Marketing video and blog.


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