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Japan LifestyleI believe that we are powerful beyond our imagination and that we create our own reality through Thought and Feeling…

But if you don’t believe that, I am NOT going to try to convince you.

I’m simply going to share my story with you.  Those who are ready to believe, will believe and those who aren’t will leave this page and go on about their life.   Hopefully, to live a happy and fulfilling, dream accomplishing journey.

I urge you to empty your mind before attempting to get to know me or hearing my story.  It may not be that easy for you to believe what I’m going to tell you.

My story starts off as just a regular story tho…


I was born in Philadelphia, PA and I grew up in Raymond Rosen’s Projects until I was about 11.  After my many journeys and experiences in the projects, my family and I moved to Brookhaven, PA which is about 2 miles from Chester, PA.  My typical life was boring to me, but maybe interesting to others.

I won’t get into those details as it is irrelevant for this site and I’d rather share it with you over a cup of coffee or beer!

The thing I want to point out most to you is that I was a normal girl and did normal things.  I struggled to keep up with my grades, loved playing basketball, enjoyed being around family and friends, and chilled to some movies and delicious food!

The only thing that seemed out of whack to me at that time was the fact that most of my friends knew what they were going to do right out of high school for college and even career…

And I had no clue!

I am sure there are a lot of normal kids that struggle with that same thing, but my uncertainty and lack of desire to go to college right away led me to join the military.

I went off to the military approximately 2 months after 9/11 and started off my new chapter.  I was doing ok in the military and I made some friends… We were having a blast whenever we could and partying on the weekends.  Again, just normal Airmen!

I ended up meeting my wife online (not a normal thing to do at that time lol) and she moved up to Washington State with me where we found our first critter, Snow (Shih-tzu/Maltese mix).

Life again was as normal as it could be for me until after we moved to Alexandria, VA on 2006.

I started feeling down and if I can imagine what depressed felt like, I am sure I was there.  I didn’t feel accomplished in life and in fact…  If you can allow me to go back a few years, I’d like to add something very important that I left out earlier.  I had been trying to make money online and offline since approximately 2 years after joining the military.  I don’t remember what sparked my interest or what ad I ran into that got me excited about the idea, but I was in deep!

During that time, there was no training, no mentors, not many videos, no one to really connect with that was into network marketing or creating an income online. Therefore, I was struggling my ass off in such a way that people probably thought I was crazy for trying to even continue my journey as an entrepreneur.

So, my lack of success with the desire to help my family out was stressing me the hell out.  On top of that, we were experiencing relationship issues and financial strain even though I was getting a check every 1st and 15th of the month.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit like I do, you and I both know that living off of a regular paycheck and not being able to help people just isn’t enough.

But, during the midst of all of this… something very strange happened and I still don’t understand how it happened to this day.  I think I received an email…but I am not exactly sure how I got a hold of this information.

And there was a link.  All I remember is the urge to click on it!

So, I did!

And my life has never been the same again.

I was glued to the computer screen like crazy and quickly fell in love with the idea that


So much that I indulged in the material and other material that taught me the same things.  I started being more and more positive in order to see a better outcome, I meditated every day and surprisingly, I started attracting my first manifestations since I was awakened.  It was THRILLING!

…and by awakened, I simply mean since I’ve became consciously aware of how part of this life really works.

I started manifesting parking spots, free drinks, pieces of wanted furniture, and just some beautiful experiences.

But it was one thing that caught me unexpectedly

…I mean, I read about one similar experience happening to someone, but I’d never thought that anything remotely similar would happened to me.

I started noticing these nudges…

Nudges that would urge me to look at a book or newspaper or even a mural on a city wall at the perfect time only to answer the question that was just roaming in my head seconds ago or weeks ago.

It was so common, that I could NOT refer to it as a coincidence.

And soon I clearly identified these nudges as a form of communication.

Communication with who/what?

I have no freakin idea!!!!

That was my answer then and it is my answer today.  I really don’t know!!!

But what I do know is that whatever IT is

…It’s AMAZING and it is a part of our every day life whether we know it or not.

Yes, I said it.. OURS!!!

I believe that the same power that I experienced in my life is the same power that is within you too.  The biggest reason I believe that is because IT told me.

Oh, and BTW, even though I don’t know what IT is, I’ll be referring to IT as my Inner Being.  It sounds way better than IT anyway!  Lol

Feel free to call IT whatever you wish.

So, my inner being told me later in life that you receive messages… It’s just that sometimes, you may not be listening.

Well, knowing that you and I have this power, I became aware and fond of the idea of merging my power with internet marketing and teaching you to do so as well.  I became more passionate about learning how to harness the power than Internet Marketing itself.  Because when you learn how to harness your power, everything you do in life becomes more effortless.

People will sign up for your business out of nowhere, more people will be attracted to you versus you chasing them, and the goals you have in your business will be easier to reach because of this idea of


And I’m not talking about fake, imaginary stuff without taking action.

1.  Thinking of what you want is action.


2.  I only work with people who take the action provided in my trainings because there is physical action as well as the mental action.

However, I will tell you that Effortless Action is a far greater feeling than Hard Action in anything that you do.

So, if you’re still reading this…


I just want you to know one more thing before you leave.

I am here to help you achieve more success in your network marketing company using mind and energy techniques as well as some of the top internet marketing techniques inside of my trusted vault! Be ready to learn, grow, and achieve more success.


To Your Success


Robin M. Williams
Founder, Team Free The People
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