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(Periscope Special) Learn How to Get 150+ Leads Per Month

(Periscope Special) Learn How to Get

150+ Leads Per Month


Looking to learn how you can start marketing online and using Instagram to get more leads and sales to your business?

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For those who want to know a little more about Instagram before trying out your free training, keep reading ūüėČ

Make Money Using Instagram


Tons of people use Instagram everyday…

And tons more people use Instagram to market their business, get leads and prospects, and make sales.

Sounds difficult?

It's not at all…

If there's a market for what you are selling and your ideal customers are actively using Instagram, you would be able to get some exposure, collect leads, and make sales too!

This pretty much works for any business whose¬†market actually resides on Instagram. ¬†So, if your product targets people who are 60 and over… ¬†Instagram is probably not the right solution for you.

Don't get me wrong. ¬†There are a lot of people over 60 using instagram… Just not a whole lot! ūüėČ

So, back to biz…

Now, in order to have an opportunity to see real results in your business, you will need a couple of tools to get you started on the right track:

1.  You would need a product or service that you are selling

2.  Devices that can actually support Instagram

3.  Lead Capture Page

4.  Automation Tools

Guys… People fail at marketing on Instagram just by not having those few things mentioned…This is what most people won't even
tell you without charging you!

But I hate to see people fail… if you know what I mean.

There are tons of other tools that can assist you with becoming more successful with Instagram, but I would be here all day.  Some of my favorites are:

Pic Resize: ¬†This awesome app allows you to resize large photos that will not fit its entire contents into Instagram when you upload it. ¬†Ever see someone's post, but the rest of the Quote is cut off? ¬†You don't know whether or not “You're a ROCK STAR” ¬†or “You're CRAZY

… haha… just a little corny humor.

Skitch: I love this app because it helps me show results I am having in my business. ¬†Since I am in Internet Marketer, it is highly important to show proof that our team is growing and we're making sales in our business. ¬†Proof is important for other industries too, like muscle building, weight loss, hair care, make up… and so on!

Video Collage: ¬†Ahhh…One of my favorites even though I don't use it that often because I want it to pop out as some great content and not overuse it with my followers. ¬†So, what I love using this for is to shoot a video of me possibly talking about a result that I've had in my business. ¬†Only with this video, it works as a collage where you can put video and pictures together… ¬†So someone gets to enjoy seeing your product while you talk about it… At least I hope that they would enjoy it lol ūüôā

CrowdFire: ¬†Here's a pretty epic app… Connects to your IG account and tallies up all of the people you are following who are not following you back. ¬†So, been promised a follow for follow from a whole lot of people, but they aren't following back? ¬†Use this app to remove them… ¬†I love this because you don't have to worry about whether someone is following you and then feel guilty about unfollowing. ¬†Now, since you can only follow so many people and one of the Big Secrets to gain followers is to always follow people, you'll eventually will have to start unfollowing people who follows you.


Those were some very powerful tools that I gave you, but there's a ton more to learn about Instagram.  If you want to know how to suck in 150+ Leads per month in your business, click here!

Talk to you soon on Periscope!

Video On Instagram (Please Note that the concepts work, but you will need other tools that are updated to help you build your business with Instagram.



Robin M. Williams
Founder, Team Free The People

Travel Agent Jobs

Travel Agent Jobs

Looking to become a Travel Agent?  I'm glad that you've came to this post and that you are ambitious enough to take your career in your own hands.  Becoming a Travel Agent the traditional way can be laborious and even stressful for someone who is starting out as a new Travel Agency!

You probably already know that Travel is over a $7 Trillion Dollar Industry!

…and maybe that's what brought you to the idea that there's big money in becoming a Travel Agent. ¬†I don't blame you for wanting a piece of the pie and making your own money from home ūüôā

Over the course of this blog, I will let you know what you need to do to start your Travel Agent Job and start earning your slice of this powerful industry… ¬†The Easiest Way! ¬†I will also let you know how you can get your hands on some Free Training that will teach you how to get people to your business online!

Travel Agent JobsPhoto Credits: http://fwallpapers.com/view/sunset-and-sandy-beach

Travel Agent Jobs –¬†How to Become a Certified Travel Agent

I remember when I searched online to see what it took to become a Travel Agent and oh my…

Talk about a headache!

Starting a Travel Agent Job from home is one of the most aggravating experiences if you're doing it from scratch and you don't have help.  You'll have to worry about what types of training you need, business licenses, legal and attorney fees and services, what type of travel you want to market, and how to find actual vendors and negotiate deals.

… People literally quit before they can even get in business because the process is so annoying and dreadful.

Really… ¬†If you want to work from home as a Travel Agent, you want to learn how to make money, and you want to Make Money Fast!


Who wants to go through legal work, negotiate payments on how much you're worth or even go through so much to where you never really get started.

Here is just a short list of some of the frustrations:

  • Legal Paperwork
  • Paying Legal Fees
  • Training
  • Paying for Training
  • Knowing Where to Get Certified
  • Licenses
  • Researching the Type of Travel You Want to Provide
  • Knowing Where to Find Vendors
  • Negotiating Commissions With Vendors
  • Start Up Costs (Business Cards, Location, Handouts)
  • Branding Your Business (Logos, Cards, Tees)
  • Branding Your Business Online (FB, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Creating Marketing Tools (Presentations)
  • Business Insurance
  • Building Travel Forms for Customers
  • Website Creation
  • Portal Creation (To book traffic)

The list goes on….

I know you agree that the process is very painful!  People don't want to spend all their life being frustrated with those things and then NOT make any money at the end of the day.  There has to be a better way and there is.  Below you will find the solution that I give to people who are looking at how to become a Travel Agent.

Travel Agent Job

Travel Agent Jobs – The Six Figure Work From Home Travel Agent Solution!


If you want to make a huge difference in your bank account and you are serious about seeking a Travel Agent Job, here's how you can start making money immediately with our Top Travel Agents who are Six and 7 Figure Earners in the Internet Marketing Industry! Many people want to get their business up and running quickly so that they can get into profit almost immediately. ¬†They just don't know how to do it. ¬†Here are a few things you want to look at if you need to get your Travel Agent business up and running… Hassle free:

Who has done what I want to learn how to do?

Is their process something I want to do as well?

When you ask those questions, you'll start to find small Travel Agent Companies who may have established a business… ¬†Maybe they have had an hassle free set up or maybe it was a living nightmare. ¬†THEN… You have to hope that the business or Travel Agency will help you out with that information. ¬†They may see you as the competition and not give you the time or day!

Don't worry… We still have a better solution for you and I am sure you would agree. When I first started as a Travel Agent, I didn't have a clue what to do or how to do it. ¬†How do I book travel, how do I contact vendors, and how do I get paid?

Here's what I love about the Internet Marketing industry.  

They will literally give you a business that is already built, already have the required training lined up, provide you with the marketing system, set up a business back office, give you your own web travel portal, and so much more!

If you don't want to go through the headache and you want your own Travel Agent Business in less than a minute with all of the worries going out of the window, you definitely want to take a look at what we have to offer.  Click below to see how you can establish a Travel Agent Business:


Travel Agent Job


Before you go,

I just have one freebie for you.  A lot of people think that they can get started in a business and market it themselves without any marketing or business training.  As an appreciation to you for stopping by my blog, I want to give you full access to the Top Ten Prospecting Tips to help you jump start your clients.

Hope you Enjoy!



Robin M. Williams, 
Internet Lifestyle Coach
Founder, Team Free The People


(VIDEO:  Become A Travel Agent)

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