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Maybe you came into a part of your life to where you see the value of extracting positive people.  Maybe people are draining you each and every day of their negative mindset, complaining, and inability to see things and a brighter level. When trying to run your life in a positive manner, you may be Inundated with negative people in different areas of your life.  To some, this may seem as though it is all their fault.  After all, they should be in control of their own actions. This makes total sense! However, it is not entirely true that it is their fault that they appear in your life in a negative manner

When you start to attract positive people, there are a couple of things you want to keep in mind.What some people may miss is that they are partially negative without anyone else having to be around. It's like a mix breed of “I need positive people around me” and “I cannot stand the people around me” type mentality.  People may realize that positive people are more joyous and beneficial to be around but may fail to realize that when they complain about negative people, they are in fact one of those people as well… Negative.

You want to have the right mentality to start attracting positive people around you 🙂

How to Attract Positive People:  Look at the Positivity!

You also want to make sure that you look at the positive in people. It's easy for us to look at all of the negative things around us and within people. It's a little bit harder to look at people and name something positive about them, especially if you don't like them or if you are irritated by them

Imagine if you had a child who was acting up in school. One day you decide to complement them on something good that they did. Maybe even decided to give them a reward for being good. The next day you can tell that your child has been trying to get another reward and is on the right path.

It's kind of the same way when it comes to complementing people. The more you compliment or see something positive and someone, the more they want to give you more of the good stuff! Most of the time, they will not even know that they are giving you more of what you like. It's part of law… The law of attraction!

Simply put, the more positive thoughts you give out to the universe the more you get back!

How to Attract Positive People: Ask and You Shall Receive CLARITY

The last thing that people miss is very simple, yet very powerful. You want to make sure that you are clear on what you want to attract and everything in your life to include the type of people you attract. So, if you want to attract more positive people, you have to ask for it.

Simple, right?

Clarity is one of the most powerful techniques you can use in any area of your life. I had times when I attracted some amazing things, but because I was not clear on exactly how I wanted it to come it did not meet my ultimate desires. The more clarity you give out to the universe, the more of a match the things you asked for will appear in.

[Video] Attract Positive People

Maybe now that I brought up clarity you can see why the first step is very important. You may not be intentionally asking for A negative person, but you are asking for a negative person when you complain about negative people. The more you complain about the more you bring about. The more you give thankfulness, the more you bring about! It can be a win-win or a lose-lose situation.

If you want to know how to use more amazing techniques and you want to learn about the amazing powers of the universe, make sure you Join My Mastermind Group so that we can start going over your business and your life in a way that will help transform your current dreams into reality!


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